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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  September 8, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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they're like i don't know that guy is going to do. >> i'm okay. i'll be okay. >> that was fox's andrea issom. stay with us. your weather, traffic and all your top stories as fox 5 morning news continues right now. good morning. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. we'll bring in mr. tony perkins with a look at the forecast. good morning to you. >> i thought we were on that cruise ship for a moment. we do have changes coming. today will be a day of transition. it will be another warm day but you will feel things changing as the atmosphere gets mixed up. we get breezy conditions through here later on. that will set the stage for
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cooler temperatures later on at the end of the week. right now, we have a temperature of 76 degrees at reagan national. 73 at dulles. 76 at bwi marshall. these tells warmer than it was yesterday at this time -- these temperatures warmer than it was yesterday at this time. take a look. not a bad start to the day. we do have a few more clouds out there than we had yesterday certainly as a frontal boundary begins to pass through here. as it does, i would not rule out a shower or sprinkle popping up here or there. there is some indication on radar that out to the west, there are a couple of showers that have popped up but we kill continue to monitor the front as it comes through. the mange thing from this fronted, some clouds, breezy conditions and then cooler air settles in, takes a while for that though. that will be tonight. forecast for today, another warm one. early clouds, afternoon sun, maybe a brief sprinkle this morning. becoming breezy, high about 89
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degrees. we'll have more details on the forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> nice to see you. it feels like it's been a year since youened a have worked together. >> yes, it does. good to see you too. >> always good to see julie. >> it is nothing but love this morning in the fox 5 studio. >> tony was on vacation, i was off yesterday. so it has been a while. >> it has been. a lot of change. we are back home from vacation and back to school this week. a lot of folks getting adjusted to the change in the traffic pattern. no incidents reported right now. it is early on the interstates. we're still quiet. we are picking up construction that was left out there overnight. here is northbound i-95 where the roadwork has cleared as you travel north of triangle and continued out towards dumfries. light traffic volume on the beltway between annandale and merrifield. southbound # 70 off to a quiet start out of hyattstown. no problems reported headed out towards the truck scales and you will find yourself at speed
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headed into rockville. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. -- southbound 270 off to a quiet start out of hyattstown. mystery surrounding a fire at a apartment. howard county police arrived to find a woman dead and a man believed to be the father of one of her children seriously injured. the building was evacuated and everybody else got out okay but authorities don't believe the fire was to blame for the tragedy. >> it does not appear that the man who was taken to shock trauma was suffering from burn wounds and it doesn't appear that the cause of death of the woman in the apartment was burning either. >> nobody else was hurt. woman leaves behind four children. police do not believe anybody el was involved. a man accused of firing a rifle at his ex-girlfriend has surrendered to police. police say joshua prince tried to hoot his ex-girlfriend. she got away. police searched for prince.
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they ended up finding him in pennsylvania where he turned himself in. now to our other big story. just six days remaining until the democratic primary that will essentially tea side the race to d.c. mayor. mayor trent is still trailing council chair vincent gray in the polls but things are getting intense on the campaign trail. sarah simmons joins us live with the latest effort to get out the vote. >> reporter: good morning. as you mentioned, the race is tight. the campaign trail, it has been quite a battle and it has been so contentious to the point that vince gray has asked for police officers to be at the polls come election day. so you can see it is getting very tense right now. but right now, it also appears that adrian fenty may not have the votes if the poll are any indication at this point. he may not have the votes to pull it off. it is still very tight and we are probably not going to really know until next week. the incumbent did pick up an
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endorsement tuesday from the washington examiner. the editorial praises friendy's record on schools, crime and on economic development. some of the video you are seeing of both candidates at a ribbon cutting, this is something that was a very hot topic at the debate on fox 5 morning news, as you know. something that mayor fenty supported and convincement gray was there as well for the ribbon cutting. that has been a huge issue. also, what has been big is on both of the campaign web sites, they really have been taking shots at each other. tax a listen to what they have to say. >> some people say adrian fenty has turned his back on district residents. as his former deputy chief of staff, i can say they're right. >> some people say mayor adrian fenty is not inclusive. well, as a former staffer and supporter, i couldn't agree more. >> what mistake have you made as chairman of city council or serving on council? >> well, actually, i am very proud of the record. >> reporter: last night on fox 5 news at 10like, we also that
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a debate between a friend fenty and grey supporter. marion barry coming out sainting he is in support of gray. ron moten who is a community activist with peaceoholics was also there. they went back and forth last night. coming up at 50, we'll hear a little bit from that debate. back to you. >> thank you. the florida pastor planning to burn coppies of the koran on the anniversary of september 11th is getting more heat from the government now. the reverend terry jones is trying to put responsibility for any violence on others. at the state department last night, secretary of state hillary clinton weighed in on the controversy during a dinner celebrating ramadan. >> a pastor down in gainesville, florida, plans to burn the holy koran on september 11th. i am heartened by the clear, unequivocal condemnation of this disrespectful, disgraceful act. >> it would be tragical if because of this, one person
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died. but at the same time, we do not feel responsible for that. >> the reverend says he has a right under the constitution to express himself. the obama administration making plans to mark 9-11. the president will spend part of the anniversary at the pentagon. this will be the second year in a row he will have spoken at the pentagon. vice president joe biden will travel to the new york for the anniversary on saturday and first lady michelle obama will be in shanksville, pennsylvania where flight 93 crashed. laura bush will also be in been pen. thirty-three miners trapped underground and they could be there several more months. the miners are getting survival tips from nasa. the former flight attendant who made the famous exit down the emergency chute now looking for a way to avoid jail. the details of his day in court oming up. stay with us.  >> ...berber carpet. it was a whole bowl of stew. nooo. why? i could have saved this one. i could have saved this one. ♪ call 1-800-steemer 
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there was a bomb threat on board a thai airways flight from bangkok. plain landed safely in los angeles last night after a note was found scrawled on a mirror inside one of the rest rooms on board that plane. officials say there were about 200 passengers and crew on
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board. they were all being interviewed by investigators. bomb technicians did not find explosives. the former jetblue flight attendant whose famous exit from the plane made him a hero among workers everywhere will under grow a mental evaluation. he is charged felling from his meltdown last month after arguing with a passenger. he could get community service instead of jail time. firefighters gain something ground now on the wildfires in colorado. six tanker planes now dropping fire retardant on the flames. more than 50 homes have been destroyed and officials say that number may actually be much higher. the governor declared a state of emergency. he is asking the thousands of evacuees to give the firefighters time to work. investigators say the blaze may have been started by a car that crashed into a propane tank. nasa is on the scene of the trapped miners in chile. nasa's message, eat, sleep and exercise if you want to survive. those miners have lost at least
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0 pounds each and they're finally get something hot meals being fed through a hole the size of a grapefruit. the trapped miners did get an emotional boost this week. they were able to speak to their families. if you shop in d.c. being you might be familiar with that five-cent bag tax. but is all that monday i where going down the drain? >> the anacostia river still a toxic mess. what is being done with the bag tax money that is supposed to help clean it up? coming up in just a little bit, we'll let you know what is happening with our weather across the area. another warm day today and julie wright is here. she will tell us about the morning road conditions. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back.
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now it does 1 ghz speed on a more intuitive keyboard. turning you into an instrument of efficiency. introducing the new droid 2 by motorola. part of the next generation of does. there was a celebration of dance at the white house last night for judith jamieson.
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first lady michelle obama hosted the event in the east room. >> very nice. tony is back with another check on our weather. good morning. >> good morning to you. good morning, of course. we have changing weather conditions across the area. it's warmer start to the day. we'll have another warm one today and then some shifts in our weather pattern. i'll show that to you in just a moment. yesterday though, warmer than we expected. i have to tell you that. reagan national airport made it up to 94 degrees. once we were at 90 around the noon hour, i thought well, there goes the forecast. 92 at dulles international. a warm one. we will be warm today. we will not be this warm, i do not believe. 75degrees right now in washington. 75 in baltimore and in annapolis. quantico, virginia is at 74 degrees. out at dulles, it is 726789 hagerstown, 75.
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winchester, 78. we are watching the wind. they are coming to us out of the south. it is not blustery or anything but it will be a breezy day. right now, winds are out of the south at about 10 miles per hour here in d.c. eventually, they will shift to out of the west. that should happen touring the next several hours as this frontal system make its way through here. we will know it is coming in a couple of ways. first of all, there is some shower activity in advance of that front. most of us won't get showers but we are see a few showers off to the west and southwest of the washington so don't be surprised if you encounter a shower or sprinkle this morning. then the front comes through. winds shift to out of the west. meanwhile, this is the remnants of tropical storm hermine. it is now just a tropical depression. but still producing quite a bit of rainfall across texas. that will gradually ride up along that front and then across the mid-atlantic and northeast and could bring us some rain showers by sunday, prapped the latter part of
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sunday. not what we want to hear. -- perhaps the latter part of sunday. high about 89 degrees today. the cooler air behind the front take its time to get here. we don't really cool off until tonight when our lows are in the 60s. then tomorrow, highs only in the upper 70s after upper 1r0 to near 09 today. friday, 77, nice, sunny. 81, sunny on saturday with 816789 very nice. sunday, some showers and thunderstorms certainly possible. -- then tomorrow, highs only in the upper 70s after upper 80s to near 90 today. here is julie wright with your traffic. >> we have the overnight construction along the bw parkway. they are doing some water main break repairs along 410 at the
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bw parkway. that is what is tying up your commute. if you are traveling inbound new york avenue, the pace not so bad right now leaving northeast to northwest. you will find yourself at speed out to the third street tunnel. lanes are open coming across the anacostia and light traffic volume there. top side out outer loop, -- top side outer loop, we are still at speed. d.c.'s bag tax has reportedly already brought in nearly $1 million. so why haven't community-based environmental groups seen one dime so far? >> fox 5's money reporter melanie alnwick dug into that question for more answers. >> reporter: on the surface of the anacostia river, it appears that some of the goals of d.c.'s controversial bag tax are working. >> the bag are a lot less noticeable but there is a lot of material still out there.
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>> reporter: anacostia river keeper, an organization dedicated to restoring watershed, agrees that looks can be deceiving. >> there have not been the same efforts to get rid of the pollution that is invisible. >> what is happening is this is just rolling right into the river and dumping the sediment and the contaminants with them right directly into the river. >> reporter: the result? six known toxic hot spots in the anacostia contaminated with heavy metals. in the last five months, the district of columbia has collected more than $928,000 from that bag tax. but so far, keepers of the river say they haven't seen any of it. >> we just need the money. there is a million dollars right there that could go to projects that we already know about so we could start tomorrow.
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>> reporter: ward six councilman tommy wells championed the bag tax. he says money first goes to public outreach and storm screen. >> we are still early. we are only nine months into implementation. it is already having a substantial impact. now, we need to work on granting for folks. >> reporter: d.c.'s department. environment says it hopes to start spending on prj ecstacy goon we would call on ddoe to figure that out and release the money as soon as possible. >> reporter: in the meantime, the group acted elected officials to sign a pledge that this they would work to hold polluters legally liable for site clean-up but the whole picture won't come together until the restoration funds make in t. downstream too. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. james wright d.c.'s department of the environment spent about a quarter of a million dollars on advertising in an awareness campaign to inform the public about the new tax. the director said money will start flowing to community- based projects soon. president obama is set to deliver his speech about the
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economy later today. his plan will include some new tax breaks. coming up in our next hour, we'll tax a closer look at what the president plans to unveil and how much it might impact your family. that is in our business beat. looking ahead to 7:00 this morning, more on concerns against one minister's plan to burn the koran. there is worry that it could put american troops in danger. a former naval officer will join us live with more on that. coming up at 8:00, what should you be doing to bet your kids ready for college? beware of how much time you spend on facebook. how it cost one family nearly $10,000. stay with us. -9 d
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how much time do you spend on facebook in. >> too much time on the popular site cost one family thousands dollars. >> they got back to find a cell phone bill of almost $10,000. we have a report. >> reporter: they do a lot together. they are brother and sister, after all. the duo and their mom recently returned from israel. >> we went to the dead sea. >> we camped out and we rode camels. >> we fell in love with a
5:26 am
puppy. >> the pair, 13-year-old sam and 11-year-old sarah also spent plenty of time using their cell phones. >> i played games. >> reporter: so where was mom when the kid was on facebook, texting and playing online games? dr.cindy ivan hoe was right there. she even snapped a few pictures featuring the kids with their phones. she shot -- >> the bill would be a little lier. i really had no content. >> reporter: how much more was the bill? more than $9,500. it grew to more than $9,700 with late fees. >> it was sickening. it was one of those moments where you take a breath and feel sick to your stomach. >> a cell phone bill about as expensive as the vacation itself. >> i did save a long time for this trip. this is not an inexpensive trip to make. >> reporter: dr. ivanhoe said she since learned there were alerts send to your kids'
5:27 am
phones. >> you are being charged $50 for roaming. >> >> reporter: but ivanhoe says she never received a warning. >> reporter: verizon wireless has agreed to take $4,000 off the bill. sam and sarah have come up with a list of ways to help mom pay. >> it could be dog walkers, me and doubtfully sam could baby sit. >> i think they're going to be spending a long time -- >> walking a lot of dog. >> paying that money back, right. according to verizon, several automated alerts are sent to every phone on that plan when you travel internationally. the company suggests that you found out about international rates before you hit the road. >> good advice. still ahead on fox 5 morning news, we have a lot for you. good morning. >> good morning. the race for d.c. mayor heats uptle between vince gray and adrian fenty. now, two of their supporters face off on a debate on fox 5. valet latest coming up when fox 5 morning news returns.
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i'll have the latest coming up when fox 5 morning news returns. ksgo ts,rc
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no wonder it's called ultimate. available on chase credit, debit, and business cards. chase what matters. it is september 8th. here is a live view look down over wisconsin avenue in northwest d.c. this morning. another fairly comfortable start t got a little warm yesterday. >> it was hot. it was into the 90s. today, it will be another warm day. i think a high near 90 certainly but then the changes come. we'll cool off for the rest of
5:31 am
this week t will be rather pleasant. some folks like julie wright will be downright cold although we are not classifying it as cold. take a look at the current temperatures around the region. a warmer start to the day than we had yesterday. right now, reagan national, 75 degrees. 75 in baltimore. 72 at dulles airport. ocean city at 73 degrees. winchester is at 78 degrees at this hour. here is a look at the satellite- radar. we'll keep watching it. we've got more clouds this morning than we've had recently as a frontal system comes through t , it brings clouds with it. we do not anticipate most of the showers will make it into our viewing area but some of you are lineally seeing some showers out to the west. this will be during the morning hours, some sprinkles and showers here and there. most of us remain dry. the forecast for today, after some morning clouds, we'll get some more sunshine later on, becoming breezy.
5:32 am
winds will shift oust west. still a warm one today. 89degrees for your high in town. 90 in fredericksburg. tonight, the cooler air comes in. temperatures drop off to the 60s and then tomorrow, we'll be in the upper 70s instead of the upper 80s. >> it will feel like fall. >> yes, it will. >> that will be nice. thank you. let's check in with julie and get her take on things. the traffic, julie, not the forecast. >> darn. you read my mind. on the roads right now, you will find lanes are open with no incidents report the at the wilson bridge. crews have been busy overnight making reairs to the water main break and now we are told all lanes are open it the 410 at the baltimore-washington parkway. live shot from nutley streed headed into the beltway. all lanes are open. no incidents have been reported. still a quiet trip along 395
5:33 am
between the beltway and the 14th street bridge -- -- live not from nutley street headed on to the beltway. a woman was found dead and a man was seriously injured but not because of a fire in the apartment. the fire broke out just before 3:00 yesterday afternoon at the complex on majors lane in columbia. howard county police say both the man an woman had visible physical injuries not caused by fire or smoke. neighbors gathered in horror after being evacuated. >> i heard one of her daughter knocking at the door and, you know, she was screaming saying mommy, mommy, wake up, wake up, open the door and she wouldn't answer her phone. she won open up the door. >> she was a beautiful person. a beautiful, beautiful woman and it is just heart wrenching that somebody did this. >> family members say the man who survived lived in the
5:34 am
apartment and was the father of one of the woman's four children. police are investigating whether there was some sort of the domestic dispute there. we are learning more about the maryland man accused of firing a rifle at his ex- girlfriend. investigators say joshua prince tried to shoot his being- girlfriend yesterday morning in a parking garage. he missed. she for the wai. two schools went on abiocor lown while police looked for prince p he later traveled to pennsylvania and turned himself in to police. police say the victim had broken up with prince last week and had object towned a protection order against him. -- she got away. two schools were on lockdown while list looked for prince. several area police departmented are patrolling around campus of the university
5:35 am
of maryland campus at college park. university police, park police and prince george's county police are all increasing their patrols. our big story, the closely watched race for d.c. mayor. mayor adrian fenty is still trailing council chairman vincent gray in the polls. now, the candidates are taking aim at each other with new attack ads as voters get ready to head to the polls less than two week from now. sarah simmons joins us now with all the details. >> reporter: good morning. both candidates are pulling out all of the stops and not just on the campaign trail when they were out and about but on their web sites as well for the campaign. vince gray's web site displays testimonial former tenty supporters and staff. on the mayor's web site, there is a youtube video of last week's debate from here on fox 5 where fenty make a comment about something gray had said. he says that he takes a shot at
5:36 am
the council chair saying that gray refuses to admit past mistakes. both were present for a ribbon cutting of a new six acre waterfront park, something the mayor has pushed for as part of his economic development plan to the city. as the race heats up, we heard last night on fox 5 news at 10:00 from gray supporter councilman marion barry and from ron moten, a community activist with peaceoholics, a supporter of adrian fenty. here what is they had to say last night as they faced off. >> the problem here is that what about the people? adrian fenty has talked about recollect vision centers. what about jobs for the parents of the students, the kid who go to recreation centers? what about housing for the people, for 26,000 people. what about the minority business program? it was 45% a little before he
5:37 am
got there. it is down to 30-some percent. he manages by press conferences as opposed to managing. when is the last time people in the city saw him in the neighborhood outside of a press conference. >> adrian fenty has made some mistakes just like marion barry has made some mistakes and i'm he kind of surprised that marion wouldn't agree to give somebody who has changed the city and i quite have a different opinion than my icon, who i love, marion barry, when he said that things haven't changed in ward eight. we have four new rer centers, three libraries, 1,000 units of permanent housing for the homeless and you can take the last four mayors an combine them together and they won't have 1,000 units of permanent housing for homeless families in d.c. >> reporter: now, adrian fenty also received a glowing endorsement from the washington examine are on tuesday if his work with schools, crime and economic development in the community. of course, we'll find out next tuesday who the voters endorse. back to you. >> thank you. being stung by one wasp is
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chicago mayor richard dale yea says he does -- daily says he does not want to run again. >> in the coming days, i know there will be some reflecting on my time as mayor. many of you will search to find what is behind my decision. it's simple. of a always believed that every person, especially public officials, must understand when it is time to move on. for me, that time is now. >> owe the question now turns to who will replace him. talk swirls around white house chief of staff rahm emmanuel who has often said he would like that post but emmanuel says he is surprised by daley's decision. ate massachusetts woman is recovering after being stung more than 500 times by a swarm of wasps. the 5 #-year-old if he would on
5:42 am
top of an underground wasp's nest while landscaping her sister's yard. eventually, firefighters were able to scare many away with the fire extinguisher. >> there were still bees coming out from under the lady's clothing an flying around the ambulance. so the patient was still being stung and so were the first responders. >> wasps are loaded with potent venom that attacks the nervous system and unlike bees, they can sting a victim multiple times. as we get set to remember nine years since the attacks of september 11th, a milestone handshake at ground zero. we'll get a report on the progress at the world trade center. we'll check your morning commute an your forecast and some asteroids, could they be headed our way? we'll explain coming up as you check out traffic on the beltway at new hampshire avenue. we're back after this. this droid has evolved to do even more. now it integrates your work e-mail,
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so you can be hooked up to everything you need to do. now it does 1 ghz speed on a more intuitive keyboard. turning you into an instrument of efficiency. introducing the new droid 2 by motorola. part of the next generation of does.
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the people who walked these streets before us were just like you and me.
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with hopes. dreams. challenges. today, we do more than just walk the same streets. for a moment, we get to walk in their shoes. preparing us for what lies ahead. down our next road. be part of the story. colonial williamsburg. welcome back. we get a live look outside. in just a few minutes, the first two of after the voids will ply past earth. those asteroids will only be visible through a telescope and nasa says they pose no danger. scientists a it is rare for two to be flying by so close at the same time. this is a stark of the
5:46 am
importance of monitoring activity in space. scientists first spotted it on sunday morning. from what you hear, the one this morning gets within like 154,000 miles of the earth, something like that. and the one tonight is within 50,000 miles of the earth which is close astronomically speaking. >> right. >> so we'll see what happens. it may cause us to reconfigure the five-day forecast -- >> if it gets real close. >> you see those high temperatures in the hundreds. >> a little bit closer. >> we have one mother day of kind of warm to hot temperatures. we do have changes. it will cool off after today in advance of a cold front that comes through. the warm air always builds up even more so it will be another warm one today. then some changes. first, i want to show you hd radar because, as the front comes through, as you know, a lot of times we get some of
5:47 am
this shower activity and we are seeing a few little sprinkles out to the west. they are hard to see on this map. again, you have to look well to the west, just north of leesburg, out towards front royal between or -- not near win hester but as you get closer to win hester. just a couple of light sprinkles. as we've mentioned, can't rule them out, a light sprinkle or shower here and there particularly west of the district but not much happening at all and most folks will certainly remain dry with the passage of this front. let's go to the graphics. want to talk about 90-degree days and again, yesterday, we were over 90. 94 was the official high at reagan national airport. so far, this year, 61 days at or above 90 degrees. you may be thinking that has to be a record. the record, i believe is 67 days back in 1980. but still a hot summer of 2010. here are the current
5:48 am
temperatures around the region. right new in d.c., 75 degrees. 7 # in gaithersburg. 75 down in fredericksburg. winchester is at 75 degrees. stevensville, maryland is at 73 early this morning. we want to show you the satellite-radar picture for the entire nation. we do have clouds. can you see the frontal system. it is a pretty good picture here. a very clear image of the front. that is why we have mostly cloudy skies this morning. look at all this precipitation in texas. this is the remnants of tropical storm hermine and what we are going to see is the possibility of some of that precipitation moving across the mid-atlantic into our region by the latter part of the weekend. that would be on sunday. we'll have to keep our eyes on it. and see how that develops. for today, here is what the forecast looks like. early clouds, we have those now. afternoon sun, becoming breezy. our winds are out of the south now. they will shift to out of the west. high today, near 90 degrees. we'll go with about 89 degrees in the district. five-day forecast, tomorrow, look how much cooler it is. your high in the upper 70s
5:49 am
after that cold front comes through. very nice, very nice for friday. saturday, highs around 80 degrees. sunday, still the low 80s. about where we should be but a chance of some clouds, showers and thunderstorms on sunday. that is the latest on the weather. now, here is the latest on this morning's rush hour traffic from julie wright. >> all right. not looking so bad right now at the wilson bridge where traffic is flowing freely. the contractor temperatures us all lanes are open but the contractor that is schedule to do the repaving says he will start that process at 7:00 this morning. right now, the lane are open but at 7:00 w should have a lane blocked off for paving. northbound i-59 in virginia not owe bad right now. -- northbound i-95 in virginia not owe bad right now. no problems to report on the beltway between an an del and mare i field. southbound 270 out of the
5:50 am
hyattstown. began is all here. starting to slow south of 109. -- no robs to report on the beltway between annandale and merrifield. southbound i-95 south of 198 down in the icc, callers are telling me they still have a lane blocked off there because of the ongoing construction. bw parkway good alternative route out of laurel. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. its. some light relief for the trapped mines in chile. the men can watch a live broadcast of the chilean national soccer team playing ukraine. the game was displayed on an underground wall. crews are still working on a way to pump cool, fresh air down to the meunchers.
5:51 am
oprah winfrey among this year's five kennedy center honorees. we'll mark the anniversary of the september 11th tax this is saturday. and nine years later, there is talk of progress being made at the world trade center site. officials vow to open the september 11th memorial by next year, replacing the building will take much longer. linda schmidt has the details. >> let me just say this shake means an awful lot, larry. we got a lot done. >> we did. >> reporter: this has not been a familiar sight. port authority executive director chris ward and 9-11 developer larry silverstein actually shilling at one another. but now, they are on the same page during the week of the anniversary of 9-11. nine years after the terrorist attacks, the monstrous reconstruction project at ground zero is still not complete and probably won't be
5:52 am
for at least several more years. >> we now have a plan, the pledge budget and the construction plan to get it done. >> nine years not as unreasonable for something as complex politically and financially, given the world that has changed since 9-11 and as complex from a engineering point of view. >> reporter: two 70-foot high steel columns were installed in what will be the 9-11 memorial museum. the tridents were salvaged from the wreckage of the north hour. the memorial is scheduled to be open by the 10th anniversary next september. >> although we have had delays and unfortunately, we've had con plicts of opinion, we are now, we believe, on the road it a very great success. >> that was linda schmidt reporting. up next on fox 5 morning news, is albert haynesworth on his way out of washington? we'll have the latest on the trade rumors. >> we'll hear from one player
5:53 am
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more on the whole albert haynesworth saga now. according to reports, the redskins have contacted thetonton titans about a trade. so far, no deal.
5:56 am
-- have contacted the tennessee titans about a trade. >> yesterday, albert haynesworth's teammates came to his defense. >> i'm tired of that man. haynesworth is done with. we're good. he is part of this team. is a big part of this team. he is a great player. we are all excited to be playing with one another. the defense is looking great. i can't wait to get out there and put everything together. >> albert is a guy that is one our brothers in the locker room. we want to protect him and make sure he is taking care of and he is fine. albert is a guy would understand now. he understand that i got to put the time and effort in to get an opportunity to show what i can do. we can't win without albert. he plays a major part on our defense and everyone knows that. >> and >> sunday's opener against the cow business will mark the first for anthony armstrong.
5:57 am
he plays two seasons for the dallas desperados. >> you get all that nervous energy out of there. we'll be here at the fedex field in d.c. it will be rocking. the fans willing all drunk and everything, tailgating all day. i'm looking forward to it. >> he might be onto something. gates open at noon. to baseball, two rookies scweardz off last night as the nationals hosted the mets at nats park. this was only fisk game since 1980 which n. which both starting pitchers pitchers were making their big league debut. -- to baseball two, rookies squared off last night as the nationals hosted the mets at nats park. president obama set to
5:58 am
deliver a speech about the economy later today. and we're following a water main break. we'll have that and take a look at traffic right after this. d
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